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First up, a quick comparison of the different tools. What are the general advantages of each? This is also important when considering the use of any third-party effect, title or generator: If not, then expect them to be on the phone asking why FCP X is showing them a red warning sign. Also, never neglect the FCP X online help. Why is this important?

Well it means you can reorder the stabiliser with other effects if needed. Indeed, the whole workaround to stabilising part of a longer multicam angle without BetterStabilizer is to open the multicam angle editor, find the bit you want to stabilise, blade the clip in the angle to isolate the wobbly part, then stabilise just that section. Still with me? Long story short: It also works just like any other effect on a multicam, so if you switch the angle then the effect disappears from the clip but reappears if you switch back.

Seriously, this would have saved me so much time on a job recently! However, where Lock and Load has an advantage is in its more advanced settings, including allowing you to focus on a Region Of Interest. Again, sorry for the interruption, but just so you know that all these tests were carried out on the following system: Unless otherwise stated, the footage is p25 in projects set to the same resolution and framerate of the source media. None of the footage was supplied to me, it was all real-world footage shot for different projects. I decided the best way to demonstrate this was to screen-capture this process as I analysed the same piece of 38 sec and 3 frame footage using each of the stabilisers.

As you can see from the above video, the results speak for themselves:. Remember, this is just simply which is faster, not the quality of the results.

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Editor's Note: The results for BetterStabilizer seemed excessive, so we got in touch with CrumplePop who said they are aware of some issues and there is an update coming out soon with a significant speed increase. Ok, for this next test I used a piece of footage I often show during my training. When FCP X has finished analysing the footage though it applies one of two settings - either Inertiacam or Smoothing FCP 7 users will recognise the same settings for Smoothing as were available in the old Smoothcam filter.

I understand that this issue could be minimised by using a higher shutter speed during filming. Worth noting.

CoreMelt Lock & Load X

This was to simulate an interview clip where the subject is moving independently from the background. This piece of footage is a p50 clip. Again, the video below gives full-screen and split screen comparisons:. I find this more distracting than the original to be honest! As for BetterStabilizer, well I have to say, I think the results here are spectacular.

I often use this shot to highlight the kinds of problems associated with stabilising in post, but this is the best result I have ever seen on this example. The best way of achieving the desired results is often to manually adjust the settings yourself. No choice for Tripod Mode means the only option we have is to increase the amount of smoothing.

But, if we change the Method from Automatic to Smoothing, we get a few more controls. Translation Smooth controls the horizontal and vertical movement of the shot Rotation Smooth controls the rotation of the clip as if the cameraman is tipping the camera left and right rather than panning or tilting Scale Smooth controls smoothness of any zooming for tracking into or out of the subject. I didn't adjust the BetterStabilizer from the previous example, I thought the results were too good - but looking at the settings we see there are much simpler controls. There are a number of presets which you can select based on how your footage was shot which seem to adjust the Stabilise Skew, Autoscale and Strength controls.

Here we can adjust the overall strength of the stabilisation as well as control the horizontal movement independently from the vertical, whilst controls for rotation and zoom seem to reflect similar controls in FCP X. I tried these techniques to stabilise another shot from a project I worked on a few months back:. In the above case, each stabiliser was manually adjusted to try and get the best results. This means that you can set up a Region Of Interest using a rectangle to focus the analysis on to either just this area inside or to exclude this area outside.

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So what have we learned? I have to say that I usually find the built-in stabiliser up to most of the tasks that I give it, though understanding how to tweak the controls is just as important to get the best out of a feature. I personally find these controls slightly limiting but I was amazed at its ability to stabilise the meerkat shot and may probably reach for BetterStabilizer the next time I have an interview that need stabilising.

Also, the fact that you can apply BetterStabilizer directly to an edited multicam clip in the timeline is a huge bonus and would have helped me out on a recent job had I known. Ultimately is there an outright winner?

Lock and Load X: The Fastest, Most Powerful FCP X Stabilizer

Unfortunately, as is often the case, it seems not. Apart from contributing to FCP.

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Follow me on Twitter. Back Tutorials. I also uninstalled and reinstalled Locked and Loaded. I like this plugin, think it's great Any help from Core Melt on how to solve this issue would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Scott Wolfson. I also have tried using the Lock and Load Frames instead of Lock and Load and that did not work at all! All I saw was my video with frames flashing like crazy! If you had digital cinema display on, could you please switch it off during motion tracking?

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If the problem persists, could you please check the log file for FCP related error messages printed during motion tracking. You can find them in the Console app. Can you please send these error messages? Hello, do the crashes occur when you try to track motion before there is any progress in the motion tracking procedure? If the xml export at the beginning of motion tracking takes much time, your FCP project is probably quite complex. Can you tell what's the project's file size? Could you please send crash logs anyway?

The crashes occur after I click the track motion button. But most of the time FCP crashes on me when applying these two plugins. The project I'm working on is a multiclip sequence Pro Res p 30p and the project file size has grown to mb!

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I'm only applying the Lock and Load plugin to one of the camera angles, maybe a total of 5 min worth in a 30 min timeline. There are four video tracks the multiclip is on track 4 abd the three camera angles are on 1,2 and 3. I sent one of the crash logs and several emails to the coremelt support email and Roger said he would investigate the issues.

Ironically this plugin was supposed to save me time! Now despite all the headaches and countless hours of dealing with crashes I finally finished the timeline and the clips that were corrected look great! You can also send your crash logs directly to me: The Console app is in the utility apps folder. After launching please choose "All Messages" from the left table. You should see then several FCP related messaged on the right.

Can you please send these messages? When FCP runs out of memory during this procedure, problems can occur.

This is one possible reason for crashes, but let's see the log. My problem is the filter will not "stay". I apply the filter, track motion in the viewer, sometimes track motion "Button" is not there, but with futzing, it tracks. But then if I click to the video tab in the viewer and back to the filters tab, the video will say "clip properties changed and in filters "no tracking data" I tarck again and it happens again.

The thing wont STAY tracked. I do have dual screens but cant find any info on that.

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Coremelt lock and load mac

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