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If you have images that you would wish to convert to different formats, then this is the software to use.

How to record Skype calls easily

Be able to save videos from the web with quicktime. Be also able to view, edit, crop and resize videos with quicktime. This is great for use especially if you are wishing to watch your favorite videos and in different formats. Vodburner for Mac users is used to record both Skype video and audio calls. With this, you actually do not need to have Skype installed. Once you have downloaded vodburner on your Mac, you will only need to sign in through Skype account. If you are a first timer to use both Skype and this application, you will notice that it will take longer to load.

Vodburner will instead be initializing your settings. After the login and initializing you will notice all the Skype contacts being aligned. If you wish to make a call, all you have to do is move to the contact list so that the green button appears to enable you to make the call. Once the call has started, you will now be able to see a video window showing the other person or party. Once on the video window move over to see the recording controls. There is a record button that will appear on the screen of the window. If you wish to record, all you have to do is to click on it.

This application is good because it enables you to record exactly what you see. CallNote for Mac OS X is the type of software that is used by mac users to record skype, hangouts, and even Viber as well as Facebook audio and video calls. If you are having a meeting with someone you can actually get to record that meeting. Your also able to manage records from your PC as the end user.

Another best thing about this application is the fact that you do not have a limit on the number of recordings that your supposed to have. Movavi screen capture is one of the best screen recorders for Mac that are in the market. It is a very light weight screen recorder that gets to capture anything that is on your screen. As an end user, you can be able to record live events smoothly without any tampering as well as being able to record online chats and skype calls as well as chats.

The quality of video that is normally recorded by this software is normally of very high quality. It is a powerful software that captures videos within no time. The capture settings are usually very flexible and so one can be able to have their settings as they would wish too. Save your video in any format that you would wish after capture. Edit your captured video clips and be able to upload them on the internet.

Additionally, you can be able to capture and grab online streaming videos as well as taking desktop snapshots. There is an inbuilt video polisher that can be used to edit your videos. For those who would wish to save the video can save on mp3 or mp4 format. For better productivity, media usage and fun, the above discussed software applications are to die for.

There are so many people that are not normally aware of how to go about when it comes to recording Skype calls on their iPhone or iPad. One of the things that you need to do in order to make this work is to first initiate a phone call through Skype.

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When this article was originally published, Skype was not capable of recording calls itself. But that changed in mid You can now record Skype calls without the need for any third-party software or additional equipment.

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This is a really simple process. Your guest will be notified that you're now recording the call too. You can stop the recording prior to the end of the call, or end the call and the recording will stop with it. The recording will then appear in the text chat section of the call window, and you can go ahead and save it to your computer.

It'll save as an mp4 file, even if you've been running an audio-only call.

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You can convert this to an audio file by simply dragging it into your podcast editing software. At this moment in time, Skype is recording all calls as mono files so both sides of the conversation are meshed into one. That isn't always ideal as it reduces the flexibility you have to clear the call up and balance the volume levels during post-production. This is the easy way in — simply install a piece of software that records your Skype calls, and then make your call as normal.

An example of this for the PC is called TalkHelper. At the end of the call, TalkHelper will package up a recording of your call, save it as an audio file, and then you can edit it, produce it and release it to the wild. Call Recorder is a good package, and works in exactly the same way.

The big downside to this approach is that it relies entirely on your computer and the software itself. If something goes wrong during recording, the computer crashes or otherwise, then the whole recording is gone.

Imagine that happening when you've managed to line up the biggest interview of your life…. The next level requires a new bit of hardware — a digital recorder. This is something that is part of the normal lifecycle of a podcaster, so as you build your skills and your kit, you'll be looking to get one of these at some point. Have a look at my digital recorders for podcasting article for recommendations. Or, if you want a quick recommend, the Zoom H1 is a good low-budget option here, and the Zoom H5 for higher budgets and heavier future-proofing.

The benefit of a digital recorder is that it's build to record audio, and it's damn good at it. It wont crash, it wont fall over. So, when your computer explodes mid-interview, you'll still have the recording on your external device. Plus, a digital recorder is useful for so much more than Skype recording, so the money you spend pays for itself just a little more than that spent on something like TalkHelper.

You can finally record calls in Skype. Here's how to do it

Recording Skype on a digital recorder takes just a little bit of settings wizardry, mainly in how the PC handles your microphone. The aim is to turn on the volume of your own mic so that it's audible in your headset output — this is turned off by default as normally you don't want to hear yourself speak. In the audio settings, though, it's pretty easy to turn this on and adjust the volume. Then, when you speak into the mic, you hear your own voice in your headset.

Now, all you have to do is to plug the headphone output into your digital recorder's external microphone input. Now it'll record both the Skype output AND your own voice. The only problem here is that now you can't hear your Skype co-host because you have something else plugged into the headphone socket! You can get around that in one of two ways. A splitter simply has one 3. The big improvement here is that now you can control each channel separately not to be confused with recording each channel separately — see next section.

This means if your co-host is loud and you're quiet, you can turn him down via Skype, and you up via your PC settings.

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You can match levels much more easily and create a better balanced podcast recording. A downside to this is that you have to then hear your own voice on the headphones and this can cause some people a bit of trouble, especially is there is a little latency and it's a bit behind, creating an echo effect. I've found you can get used to it quite quickly though, so it can work well for some. For more on such setups, check out our post on recording Skype with a digital recorder.

Best Skype Call Recorder to Capture Skype Video and Audio Calls

The final, and most powerful way to record Skype calls for a Podcast requires the introduction of another piece of equipment. A mixer really is the proper way to manage the previous approach, and brings even more advantages besides. Firstly, mixers allow fine control over every channel, and much more readily than your computer settings.

If someone's loud, push the fader down instantly. You'll have Skype on one channel and you on another, so you can handle each one in any way you see fit. Next, with a mixer you don't have to hack the settings to record your own voice. You'll be bringing in both your mic and Skype separately, combining them in the mixer, and outputting to the digital recorder.

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