Logitech keyboard and mouse for mac mini

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And I too have had documented incidents with Logitech support that have been corrected. Your comments lead to others not being able to voice their problems with the software and leave fair reviews for others. Maybe you just have very simplistic needs and don't do any real customization. Either way, enjoy your ignorant bliss.

For most people this software does not work correctly, if at all. I would be curious with respect to all you users who rave about how great this software is, if you check the Console App for instances of the LCCDaemon crashing with regularity, or anything to do with Logitech and see if there are regular crashes related to the software that you never even notice. Thinking about abandoning Logitech products. Their software is horrible. Have been complaining about problems with their software for months.

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Does not load keyboard on Mac Mini at startup. Since they seem to think my keyboard is too old functions fine , maybe I'll just go out and buy a different competitor's product! Completely not launching at startup on Mac Mini for mouse and keyboard. Have to physically unplug and replug USB ports. Why can't Logitech get this solved? Not functioning correctly again. Seems that antivirus software interferes with this. LCC 3. Then the mouse movement became incredibly fast and uncontrollable.

When I went into System Preferences to see what the mouse settings were, I moved the mouse speed slider. Then the mouse became erratic and jerky. I had to uninstall LCC and reinstall it again to get the mouse to again track smoothly. But there are two problems: 1.

The only things related to mice on my system are the regular Mavericks mice support and a small app called Mouse Locator, which just tells me where the cursor is located if I can't find it quickly. I have filed a formal support request with this information. Like the mouse MX anywhere so far, but the software seems like crap. When I plug in the unifying receiver, the mouse works; however whenever I run the LCC software it says there is a pairing error even though the mouse is connected and quite useable. The connection utility also tells me to plug in the receiver and relaunch the program even though the receiver in plugged in and functional.

This version 3.

This had been fixed in the previous version 3. Not working for me. Tried reinstalling 3. I probably need to uninstall, re-install 3. A pain in the butt! I installed over 3. But before that it was a mess and I used and uninstaller to dump ALL the pieces and then it worked ok. I uninstalled and reinstalled 3. Mouse is recognized; keyboard is not. I have test all LCC versions compatible with Mavericks. In the past using LCC with Snow leopard with my bluetooth mouse was perfect, precize and never disconnected.

Thank you!

After upgrading to Mountain Lion, then Maverick LCC was not working, my mouse is disconnected all the time, unprecize. I think that omething is bad with LCC. Trashed Logitech Control Center and all is working well. I don't even use this anymore. My Logitech mouse and keyboard work great without it.

No brand of the standard stuff needs any drivers. It's those three-button or Wi-Fi stuff that needs drivers. This fixed a problem I was having with my keyboard not being recognized after booting up. Both had extreme lag and were at times locking up. Like many other Mac Logitech users I am continually surprised at often poor quality Mac software in relation to their extremely good hardware.

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In any event, this update has fixed the problem i was encountering with both my Logitech keyboard and mouse. No more freeze with Mavericks and my MX mouse : good.

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This can be a real time waster if you have a Unified device, like an M mouse, on which this software has no effect. And that info isn't exactly easy to find. Used to use Kensington and other brands, finally settled on Logitech because their hardware held together better. I really enjoy the M, it's really comfortable and well-sized for my hand.

I find my wrist still moves a fair bit with non-thumb-based trackballs. I am running Mavericks. Really, I can't understand how such a good hardware can be dismissed by drivers like this. I have no issues with control-zooming with the wheel on my M Assume you mean the built-in OS X zoom feature. I've gone back to my Apple mouse and keyboard with total success on both accounts..

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No need for Logitech hardware that no longer works with Mac OS, and to be honest, at times it has given me problems over the years. The Logitech forum thread on 3.

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No solution lasts more than a short while. I had tried previously deleted all previous Logitech user preferences in attempt to get this update to work with Mavericks. It did not work for me. The lag problem still exists on my iMac using Mavericks. This only happened once I had installed Mavericks, and was not present using Mountain Lion.

The unifying "software" doesn't recognise my Performance mouse. This LCC is garbage, always been..

Now reverting to 3. Motto for LCC, don't try to fix it, if it ain't broken..

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BTW using ML No, 3. But eh.. Did you install the 3. Probably LogiTech is that much focused on Mavericks that new problems arise and old ones remain on older OS's. For those having problems with lagging. Go into your user preferences and delete all items with beginning with com. These will recreate.

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I have found most users experiencing the problems with lagging or momentary freeze of the mouse recently upgraded to Maverick, this should work. Hope this helps. Version 3. Connected hardware is NOT shown as connected, even though they operate correctly. I had to revert to the previous version, which has no problems at all.

Lucky I had an old version to use then. They have no clue how to do software!!!

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