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It's really annoying. I need to fix this problem!! Help from anyone?? My Mac gave me some information after "The Sims 3 quit unexpectedly. B16, 2 processors, Intel Core i5, 1.

BluebellFlora Posts: 7, Member. January I removed most of my CC, the only CC left should be safe. Now my game doesn't freeze anymore, but in CAS sometimes some of the clothes change invisible I can't change the color of them after that or my sims become "rainbow coloured". It's really annoying, because it takes so long to create a beautiful sim, but when they change into the rainbow color, I can't do anything about it I can still do everything in CAS, but every single thing I try to apply to my sim hair, makeup, clothes is rainbow coloured!

I didn't really find anything or anyone with the same problem.

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Now I feel really lost, I thought I had already fixed the problem but apparently I didn't.. Loads of people have the same problem, especially those of you with MacBook Airs which really aren't built for gaming, lovely as they are. You can also grow your own food by gardening, and paint as in prior installments. In-town activities also include random events like sales, concerts both performing and attending , and chess competitions. I actually ended up trying to find mood modifying cheats so that I could enjoy them all, but no such luck.

Overall, the experience is just far more rich and detailed than in previous versions. That said, I think trying to further detail day-to-day affairs would really hamper my enjoyment of the franchise. As it is, it feels like too much to do, too little time, which is exactly the opposite of the iPhone version. Some things have been taken out, but better things have been added, resulting in a much more enjoyable experience overall. This is a must-have for Mac gamers. Have you guys contacted EA? If they get enough, they will post this as a news story and even contact EA for an official response.

EA will fix the issue a lot sooner if it becomes a news story.

How To Get HQ Graphics for the Sims 3 on Macs

I am so frustrated and disappointed with EA. Another recommendation for turning off Time Machine — I was experiencing the crash to desktop at random intervals and based on my limited experience after shutting off TM, this seems to have resolved the problem. Other forums are suggesting a link with Time Machine ending its backups. My sims3 crashes with no warning and no messages at all!! Everyone, i think that mac users should try turning off time machine, if its on. Apparently its worked with heaps of people, and im about to try it, so it might help you.

How to play The Sims 3 on a Mac

I have the same problem as Hattie. I just got it today, and this problem is kind of annoying. For the Dell pc users, maybe this is the problem. My speeds all seem to work ok, but the game seems a bit slow but once you get into it you dont mind. When i go on the create a sim part of the game, my sim appears all black, as in block colour not skin tone except for the eyes and hair.

Can anybody help? I have tried changing skin tone, clothes and rotating the sim but they still stay black. I have the same problem too! Do we need to buy better graphic card or something? EA needs to fix this immediatly. Will it work?

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I have a Macbook not unibody V Does anyone know if this will be safe. I have the same computer as you! I had to upgrade my computer to leopard and then buy 2 more gb of RAM. Are you having any problems with sims 3 on your computer? Please tell me. However, the game stutters many times and I have to quit and restart to remedy the problem. Navigation is seriously hampered, as is the passage of game time.

It is an e-mail based system, and it has become clear that they do not actually read your comments. Their robot responds telling me to run msconfig and gives me other windows XP troubleshooting tasks to try. They are the worst ever, I will no longer buy any of their products. Oh, ALSO… they tell you to delete your sims 2 folder found in documents as well as try the game with all settings on low. I have done both.

They do not help. My computer is capable of handling this game.

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  8. This is some strange glitch, not a graphics overload. I have a Mac Book Pro 2. No warning, no error message. It is really discouraging. Obviously this makes the game unplayable, as you lose everything when the crash happens. It plays just fine on my Mac Pro desktop 16 gig ram but I want to play it on my laptop.

    Game On: The Sims 3 for Mac – Gigaom

    Is there a forum or official thread for people like us with this problem? If enough of us contact EA they will eventually look into it. I just want a fix. I dont know why, i guess its just not compatible. It works on desktop but not on theMAc books. I was impatient to play the game, so only installed snow leopard initially and started playing.. I only got the game the other day, and i just want to play!! Did you manage to resolve your game problems? I have the old macbook pro and my bf has the brand new one and we can both lay the new sims game just fine.

    Has anyone checked to see if maybe they have a program or update error that is blocking the gameplay? I had the same problem as you, but then I bought leopard and 2 gb of memory and was able to run sims 3 on my imac. Just a hint: I raised money for the leopard and memory by having a garage sale and putting some of my unwanted valuables on ebay.

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    They are very unreliable, even with all the requirements met. Anyone know about this?

    Help!! Sims 3 freezing in create a sim mode

    I am having the same problem with the fast forward. I can get to work, but 4 is the same as 3. I have to sit and wait for my Sim to get out of bed I think Sim time is 1 hour to our minutes so I have to twiddle my thumbs for 8 minutes! Hey I was just wondering if anyone was having problems with the fast forward speed.

    The Sims 3 vs. The Sims 4

    Initially, the play was choppy when I was out and about town, but that seemed to resolve itself with a computer reboot. I love this game!! Oh and i tried to download something off the exchange, and it said my version wasnt up to date, but i have the right OS and i checked and i have the latest updates for the sims 3. Do you have a website? My wife has been having a horrible time with this on a 2-week old unibody Macbook.

    The game crashes randomly to desktop with no error or warning. When it runs, it looks great. It just goes boom.

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