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This is therefore an edit to my earlier Greeny-Mayall list. Feel free not to post this nonsense, which will not be of use to most ordinary people.

This is the one I should have listed. The Updated Version has 19 cuts and includes numerous outtakes and studio chatter. The Updated Version has 16 cuts, again with outtakes and studio chatter. The Updated Version has 15 cuts and is preferable. The Updated Version has 18 cuts and is preferable.

There is a remastered version with 18 cuts. The Updated Version has 19 tracks. That is more or less the roster of official studio albums, much updated by Sony in when it did the box set. There is a LOT of excellent music in these sets. This is amazing music, IMHO. A very mixed bag, with diminished playing and singing.

Thank you so much for sorting this out!

FLEETWOOD MAC - Future Games (Vinyl) (Reissue)

What a mess. Worse than the Yardbirds! And I find good music where I find it. The comparison to The Yardbirds discography is not inapt. I left a lengthy reply on the other instance of this post, but then followed the rabbit hole here to find that I missed the party entirely. I can add to what Dean has said, to give more musical context for the albums. The debut album is one of the best of the British blues releases. They vary things up enough to avoid repetition.

Future games by Fleetwood Mac, LP with recordsbymail - Ref

The Original Fleetwood Mac compilation is effectively part two of the debut, being from the same sessions. Wonderful is the most authentic sounding British blues album, and there are sone phenomenal cuts, but there are some bland cuts, and the album shoots itself in the foot by having basically the same damn song four times.

Jeremy Spencer really shines, and Green and Kirwan also get in some good tunes. These were on the Blue Horizons label, and after this, they branched out from pure blues. Then Play On takes blues, folk, rock, and even old 30s sounds, and meshes them together. The UK version is the definitive one, and the CD added to streaming and download services a few months ago is that, plus the related singles. There are two Madge tracks, one a brief cut of pure jamming, and the other gets… Avant-garde. His backing band is the rest of the Mac.

Some of the parodies work better than others, but the more sincere homages are more consistent. Killer playing all around. Months later, Green leaves the band. Kiln House is the past meets the present.

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  • Future Games (2015).

The production style ties it together. Christine sings and drew the album art, but I see claims that she played keyboards.

Those are all Spencer on the album. They made enough non-album singles to make a second compilation album, but that never happened, and one of the tracks has still not been released digitally. That ends the blues-rock era of Fleetwood Mac. Christine joined the band to tour. Jeremy Spencer was picked off of the street and joined a cult. Their secretary recommended a friend of hers, Bob Welch. Upbeat, yet melancholy. I think the poem at the end is a perfect coda to the album, though I see how many others find it jarring.

Danny is fired during the tour, as his increasing anxiety and other issues make him impossible to continue with. Penguin is nice album, once it remembers to be interesting. Takes a few more listens to get into.

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Welch gets in a great tune. Mystery to Me fixes the problems with Penguin, and Weston absolutely shines here. Walker left the band, and Welch and McVie absolutely step up. Heroes Are Hard to Find sounds somewhat bland and similar to Penguin on first listen, but the songwriting is there. Definitely a hidden gem in the catalog. They put their all into Heroes, but by the time they released it, the buzz they had for Mystery to Me had died. Disappointed with its reception, they were at a total loss for what else to do. Fleetwood began searching for a new guitarist, and Welch began hemming and hawing about leaving the band.

The final choices for both of those happened within a month of each other. And so, the rock era of Fleetwood Mac gives way to the pop era. First incarnation is good also but you have to be a hardcore Blues fanatic to enjoy it.

For Your (Re)Consideration: Danny Kirwan, the Sad, Beautiful Ghost of Fleetwood Mac

So second era is becoming my favorite Fleetwod Mac era but Future Games is the highlight for me from those five records. Mostly Mistery to Me and Bare Trees are the ones hailed as the best from that era in the internet, this is the first site that I find that makes justice to Future Games. Like Liked by 1 person. You probably need to be one to enjoy the Mr. Wonderful album in its entirety, and the debut probably requires at least being a casual fan of blues, but select tracks from them hold up outside of that context, along with many of the singles.

Fleetwood Mac circa with Danny Kirwan reclined in the center. Please Note: Discussing the history of Fleetwood Mac is complicated business. You may want to have a dry erase board handy, along with a calculator and a compass both the directional kind and the kind you put a little shorty pencil into and draw arcs with. I also suggest setting aside some money so you can go to Carvel later, to reward yourself for your patience and attention. Fleetwood Mac had already been through three distinct ideations before Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks joined the band in from until today, the only constants in the group are drummer Mick Fleetwood and bassist John McVie.

To people who only know the Rumours -era Mac, discovering the pre-Nickingham band is a bit like finding out your dad had kids with another woman before you were born, and these kids are really good looking and talented.

Danny Kirwan is one of the great lost figures in rock history both literally and figuratively. In , year-old guitarist and vocalist Danny Kirwan joined the band.

Thank you for reservation!

This five-piece Mac who existed for just two years are the Beatles of the blues, fronted by three distinct characters, each of which were capable of singular magic. This lineup recorded just one studio album, but is best showcased on the live recordings made at the Boston Tea Party in February of , shortly before Green left the band. These oldies combust a Velvets-like overdrive while also strongly resembling the head-bang-a-billy of the early Flaming Groovies, and they are goddamn hot. Not only is Kirwan one of the great lost figures in rock history both literally and figuratively , but he is also the person who midwives the transition from the Blues Mac of the s to the mega-selling FM pop machine of the mids.

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