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Configuration Hunter: Created to extend the existing functionalities of any other Astrology software you are using. It offers the ability to search for aspects and configurations within a chart or a series of charts and to display the results in a simple and analytical manner. The output is not graphical, just pure information.

Current version at 8th Aug 06 is v2. Do visit for more info. Astrolog 5. Source Code available Astrolog includes a great many methods of casting horoscopes including Vedic. Totally customisable, it has everything, synastry - composites - biorhythms - midpoints - transits - progressions - Swiss ephemeris etc.

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And here's an FAQ page for using Astrolog. Transiton 0. Use with Astrolog 5. Transitron is a useful astrology program that helps you to visualise the effects of transits. It is not a stand-alone program but an add-on to Walter D. Pullen's well known, freely available astrology program Astrolog 5.

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Free beta version. Viostar does not calculate chart positions from a birthtime.

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You can use Astrolog output or type in the chart values birthdata yourself. May Unable to locate Viostar on the web, this is my copy Astrowin 3. A very well put together Windows astrology program. Customisable with good maps, and a straight-forward non-confusing interface. Directions - Returns - Cosmodynes - Midpoints etc. A pleasure to work with. This program was updated March to Astrowin v3. Please vistit website for details and download. Astro Visit site for updates etc FD: Win9x: 1. Source Code available at site. Another fine program from Mr.

Narasimha Rao. Will not expire. As I am unfamiliar with vedic astrology I can only quote the author that this program has limited features in order to enable a floppy-sized download file. The windows Help has a glossary of terms and other info. This program has an e-group for further information and discussion.

Original Astrolog , , anf files

Also has many other features not mentioned here. As there is'nt enough bandwidth at the site for downloading the software, the author has made it available on CD and only requests a donation within your capacity for mailing it to you. He has also made available two smaller downloads for those who feel they do not need the complete full version.

Many thanks go to the Author for releasing it as freeware. A SourceForge Project. Free source code available on request.

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KP Muhurat Astrology is a program based on a book by Sri. Kanak Bosmia the download site for this program and uses KP Astrology principles. Indian astrology is well known from vedic times and recent developments based on Krishnamurthy's Paddhati have lead to the development of a new method of determining the Muhurat the best time to start an event.

The user can interactively determine the best Muhurat based on the event during a chosen period. Has a nice clean interface This software is first in the series of Open source projects for vedic astrology. Uses NET framework. It's a zipped. AstroSources FF: Philippes Website English. A very neat and compact Astrological program with easy-to-use tabbed interface. Fast and pretty accurate calculations with text results which cover a number of approaches including Hindu Natshakras.

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There are 14 House systems to choose from plus optional Tropical or Sidereal calculations. If you have an understanding of Astrology it's quite easy to use, but on an English system i.

Publisher Description

The English Decimal symbol is a dot. FF: 2. At June , release version 3. For the following O. Free software for Western and Vedic Astrology Jyotish. Western part includes Uranian Astrology. This program is subject to periodic updates so please download it from the SourceForge website. Online Help at the Saravali webite. A shareware version will soon be available. Author has devoted more than 25 years to the study of astrology. His main interest has been in developing astrology computer programs with innovative and alternative perspectives.

Has a large database of birthdata.

With win98se I was unable to enter full birth details, two of the input fields would'nt retain the data. Author: Robert Amlung. Souce code available Delphi. Powerful astrological tool. Uses Swiss Ephemeris. What Watch draws and prints chart wheels, including synastry and composite, draws tables of essential dignities, calculates element and quality balances and allows analysing birth aspects using a "harmonic aspectarian". It is also a tool for the experienced astrologer who wants to follow closely transit, progression and solar arc cycles, including transits on composite charts.

The program creates ephemeris lists for any given combination of planets providing dates of the transit itself, of stations and of sign changes Additional ephemeris files, more details and source code can be downloaded from the Authors website. These include those rulerships which are described in the book Esoteric Astrology by A.

Useful for students of Esoteric Astrology. Download Here Freeware Demo: 0. A specific Horary program with tutorial-type help. Noon-only calculation. Unzip the tarademo folder onto your pc then create a shortcut from tara. Achernar 1. Manual not included, but it's quite easy to use. It has a scriptlanguage called 'AstroBasic' with a complete development environment, providing many extra astrological functions. Please download from the author site for further information and where the registration code is also available.

This program became freeware in Pleasant easy to use interface. Astrology Icons FF: Option to Save and rename icon s. AstroClock FF : kb: Win9x: Author: Alphee Lavoie: AstroClock : The program displays a chart wheel of the current time at a location of your choice, updates every minute and displays transiting aspects.

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Large choice of chart display. Note : A pause function would make it ideal for Horary! Updates every minute.

astrolog 5.40 free download mac Astrolog 5.40 free download mac
astrolog 5.40 free download mac Astrolog 5.40 free download mac
astrolog 5.40 free download mac Astrolog 5.40 free download mac
astrolog 5.40 free download mac Astrolog 5.40 free download mac
astrolog 5.40 free download mac Astrolog 5.40 free download mac
astrolog 5.40 free download mac Astrolog 5.40 free download mac
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