Single line graph excel mac

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I've got two columns of data and I want a single line -- I want one column to be the X axis, and the other to be the Y axis. Instead Excel keeps giving me two lines, and just adding random unit numbers 1, 2, 3, 4 as the x axis. You can select cells from one or more tables, including tables on different sheets. To change whether rows or columns are plotted as data series , choose an option from the pop-up menu in the bar at the bottom of the window.

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You can change the data reflected in the chart at any time. To learn how, see Modify chart data in Numbers on Mac. Create a column, bar, line, area, pie, or donut chart Click in the toolbar , then click 2D, 3D, or Interactive. That's how you plot a line graph in Excel. I thank you for reading and hope to see you on our blog next week! If you'd like to return multiple matches, you will find a solution in this tutorial: How to Vlookup to return multiple matches in Excel.

E-mail not published. What is an Excel line graph? How to create a line graph in Excel How to make a multiple line graph Excel line chart types Customizing a line graph Add and remove lines in a graph Change data markers Change a line color and appearance Smooth angles of the line chart Fade out the gridlines Create a tiny line graph for each row sparklines Excel line chart graph A line graph aka line chart is a visual that displays a series of data points connected by a straight line.

When to use a line graph Line charts work well in the following situations: Good visualization of trends and changes. Of all the variety of Excel charts, a line graph is best suited for showing how different things change over time. Easy to create and read.

How to Make a Graph in Excel | HowStuffWorks

If you are looking for a simple and intuitively clear way to visualize large and complex data, a line graph is the right choice. Show relationships between multiple data sets. A multiple line graph can help you reveal relationships between two or more variables. When not to use a line graph There are a few cases in which a line graph is not suitable: Not suited for large data sets.

Line graphs are best to be used for small data sets under 50 values. More values would make your chart more difficult to read. Best for continuous data. If you have discrete data in separate columns, use a bar graph Not suited for percentages and proportions. To display data as a percentage of the whole, you'd better use a pie chart or a stacked column.

Not recommended for schedules. While line charts are great to show trends over a certain period, a visual view of projects scheduled over time is better done by a Gantt chart. How to make a line graph in Excel To create a line graph in Excel , , and earlier versions, please follow these steps: Set up your data A line graph requires two axes, so your table should contain at least two columns: the time intervals in the leftmost column and the dependent values in the right column s.

In the screenshot below, we are inserting the 2-D Line graph : Basically, your Excel line graph is ready, and you can stop at this point… unless you want to do some customizations to make it look more stylish and attractive. With the source data highlighted, go to the Insert tab, click the Insert Line or Area Chart icon, and then click 2-D Line or another graph type of your choosing: A multiple line graph is immediately inserted in your worksheet, and you can now compare the sales trends for different years to one another.

Excel line chart types In Microsoft Excel, the following types of the line graph are available: Line. How to customize and improve an Excel line chart The default line chart created by Excel already looks nice, but there is always room for improvement.

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To give your graph a unique and professional look, it makes sense to begin with the common customizations such as: Adding, changing or formatting the chart title. Moving or hiding the chart legend. Changing the axis scale or choosing another number format for axis values. Showing or hiding the chart gridlines. Changing the chart style and colors. Additionally, you can do a few customizations specific to a line graph as explained below. How to show and hide lines in the chart While making a graph with multiple lines, you may not want to display all the lines at a time.

So, you can use one of the following methods to hide or remove the irrelevant lines: Hide columns.

In your worksheet, right-click a column you don't want to plot in the graph, and click Hide. Once the column is hidden, the corresponding line will disappear from the graph straight away. As soon as you unhide the column , the line will be right back.

Hide lines in the chart. If you don't want to mangle the source data, click the Chart Filters button on the right side of the graph, uncheck the data series you want to hide, and click Apply : Delete a line. To permanently delete a certain line from the graph, right-click it, and select Delete from the context menu.

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Dynamic line graph with check boxes. To show and hide lines on the fly, you can insert a check box for each line, and make your graph respond to selecting and clearing the check boxes. The detailed instructions to create such a graph can be found here. Change data markers in a line graph When creating a line chart with markers, Excel uses the default Circle marker type, which in my humble opinion is the best choice.

If this marker option does not fit well with the design of your graph, you are free to choose another one: In your graph, double-click on the line. This will select the line and open the Format Data Series pane on the right side of the Excel window. Optionally, make the markers larger or smaller by using the Size box. Change color and appearance of a line If the default line colors do not look quite attractive to you, here's how you can change them: Double-click on the line you want to re-color. For example, to use a dashed line in your graph, click the Dash type drop-down box and choose the pattern you want: Tip.

Even more formatting options are available on the Chart Tools tabs Design and Format that activate when you select the chart or its element.

single line graph excel mac Single line graph excel mac
single line graph excel mac Single line graph excel mac
single line graph excel mac Single line graph excel mac
single line graph excel mac Single line graph excel mac
single line graph excel mac Single line graph excel mac

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