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My sister and I bagged these tickets during the summer when it was announced he'd be coming to Michigan. We were drowning in the anticipation to seeing him perform live in front of our faces, and it was wild in the best way possible. Mac brought so much energy to the stage that you begin to ignore annoying crowd mates.

Singing along never felt so right. Did I mention he's fuckin good live?

He's fuckin good live. He has such a unique group and there was never a dull moment while he was on the stage or in the crowd and started climbing up to the balcony. The t-shirts for the tour sold out, which was a tad disappointing, but the memory of that night makes up for it.

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I hope he makes his round again because that was a night I'll never forget. A little heads up, whenever Mac Demarco is coming to your area bag those tickets fast. Pretty bad compared to the other concert a year or two ago That concert was one of the best I've ever been to.

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Someone got the "bright idea" of sharing their blunt with him at the start and after half an hour or so, doing somewhat decently, you could really tell it was gonna be a shit show. He started telling the same shitty joke: "repeat after me: "we want our money back. I knew it couldn't live up to last time he was here, but I was pretty damn disappointed.

TL:DR: They were on stage for 3 hours and spent less than half of that dicking around. It went from a hyped up, crowded and promising show to something I wouldn't even spent my Wednesday evening on. I've seen Mac DeMarco twice: one time the concert was part of a big music festival and this time I had the chance to see him in a smaller venue.

It doesn't matter where you see him, you don't get bored at all! Don't get confused with the chill songs he sings. Mac DeMarco and his band are the wildest, craziest, most funny and chill out people you could see live. They play, they make jokes, they crowdsurf and who knows, someone could even get naked on the stage.

Strictly speaking about music, they always try to make his slowest songs easier to dance, which makes the concert more amusing. They never forget the classics and combine them with new songs and covers. They have fun playing on the stage and they pass that feeling on the public. Mac is eccentric, strange, and lively. The man downed a whole bottle of Jameson by show end, but the quality of his performance did not stutter. He took liberty to improvise various parts of the show, playing "My Old Man" as well as entertaining various audience requests.

Even if he did not full on perform what the audience called for, he at least acknowledged their existence--something that has become a rarity in the increasingly distant live music scene. Not to mention his stage antics kept the audience engaged--at one point someone threw lotion up on stage, and Mac poured it all over his face and performed a song.

Really unique show, not to mention the songs translate well from studio to concert hall. There were a lot of stiffs at this show. Being from VA I thought that a Philly show would have a little more movement. Mac and the band were great though. They played tracks from all of their albums and a few badass covers. At one point Mac stage dived, like usual, except he rode the crowd to the back of the venue, climbed up on the balcony, jumped back into the crowd, and they carried him back to the stage.

Mac DeMarco - 'My Old Man' (live at Laneway Festival)

During this awesome ridiculousness, someone handed him a lit cigarette which he gladly smoked, and someone else put their Grateful Dead hat on him which he wore the remainder of the show. He's truly the fan's people. Well, what the fuck can I say? Mac Demarco himself is just a great piece of art who wants to share that with all his fans and I can so no more than I appreciate and love that man. His performance was exotic, real, interactive and you could feel the positive energy and love flowing all around!

I will definitely be seeing him again. Great beautiful human. Actual piece of art. The Mac DeMarco concert was so good!! Him and his band are one of the only performers that actually sound good live. I wish the concert was earlier though because my dad made me leave 15 minutes early. It was fucking awesome. My friend and I were near the front so we were able to see mac's face up close.

The nice view helped us realize that he is a beautiful man with hot facial features. Mac Demarco is definitely maxim's hot 1 worthy. Mac Demarco is this fantastic amalgamation of sexy rock and roll, jazz, and chill. In concert he can be quite the wild man, and various antics are likely to ensue. I recall seeing him climb up to the booths above the venue floor to crowd surf more area, only to dive back down to the floor to be caught by fans. I gave him my hat and as he put it on he crowd surfed back to the stage, where he then took it off and threw it back to me. I would recommend that anyone see a Mac Demarco concert for a wild good time.

Mac DeMarco Interview: Touring With Mum, Loving Dogs & Making An Italian Rock Record

It was certainly one of the better nights of my life. Right okay this fella goes above and beyond he comes out banters the crowd starts doing some big hits everyone's going loopy getting weird chucking food he's feeding it back to us. He gets weirder the crowd gets weirder by the end his drummer is rapping to the crowd and u get like hours extra of the lads just jamming and doing skits all over the stage not ur regular gig.

And some guy called harry went up and did a drum solo. Probably the best night of his life. Macs a nice guy he has a good time and makes sure the audience has a good laugh too absolutely go. There's no way I could ever be able to perfectly describe how sensational this show was, it was unexplainable. Seeing Mac Demarco perform live was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life.

I had been waiting a couple years to see him and when I finally did after he got a bit more famous I realized that the show would've been better than I ever would have imagined. He's still really nice towards his fans and interacts with them; he treats his fans like normal, regular people.

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I love that about him. I love everything about him. See all videos 1. See all photos See all posters Mac DeMarco with Ex Hex. See all past concerts This event has been added to your Plans. Get your tour dates seen by one billion fans: Sign up as an artist. Yes, please notify me.

On tour. Save this event to your plans and we'll remind you when it's coming up! Interested Going. Similar artists with upcoming concerts Courtney Barnett. Sticky Fingers. Hiatus Kaiyote. Big Thief. Good Morning.

Mac DeMarco, Kirin J Callinan

Fri 06 Mar Paradiso Amsterdam, Netherlands. Read more Report as inappropriate. I've never seen stuff like this at a show so small, just over , unbelievable! Basically, these were two of the best nights in my life. This was before seeing him this year in Montreal. Let me tell you Thanks for the good times man! Stoked on whats happening for ya!! I honestly can't believe I went to this show, that's how good it was. Some complaints tho: 1. The transitions between bands took wayyyyyy too long; felt like a million years.

Mac demarco sydney the standard

I was hit in the face with someone's iPhone 6 3. A private discussion wth his band members would have made the experience a lovelier one 4. My friend and I didn't have dinner so some pretzels and beverages next time plz Read more Report as inappropriate. Videos 1. Photos Posters I was there. Similar artists Tame Impala 13 concerts Track artist.

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